Success Stories

Writing and Editing

I totally revised a 250-page university catalog, rewriting and reorganizing content to create two separate publications aimed at different audiences – one catalog for undergraduate students, another for graduate students. The resulting publications incorporated more targeted copy and improved reader utility by incorporating features such as degree plans.


Community Relations

I conceptualized community outreach initiative called “Afternoon All Stars” to enable a private four-year college to successfully garner grant support for an after-school program designed to partner at-risk middle school students with student-athletes who served as academic and athletic mentors.


Special Event and Promotion Management

I administered a major on-air radio promotion which led to sizable audience increases and significant new revenue. The promotion involved partnerships with Coca-Cola, Ryland Homes, Giant Food and Safford Lincoln-Mercury to offer one winner a single-family home and new car. The event also aligned these partners with Children’s National Medical Center to provide additional visibility for the hospital’s fundraising efforts.

I conceptualized and undertook a major grand opening event for a multi-million-dollar sports complex constructed by a private four-year college in southern Virginia. The event was part of a multi-faceted strategy to increase application and enrollment totals. The new complex also offered a venue for the college to undertake new community outreach initiatives, particularly in connecting with local schools and at-risk youth.

Sales Productivity Program Development

I identified niche opportunities for sales growth within a shopping center, then developed promotional strategies to reach sales goals. One example involved the creation of “Family Fun Night” in the center’s food court, which helped double sales in the month this promotion was introduced and offset negative perceptions about the food court. The program also provided opportunities to forge partnerships with the regional hospital and family-oriented community organizations.