Writing and Editing

Writing and Editing

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Membership Acquisition Collateral

» Direct Mail

School leaders are constantly on the lookout for that magic ingredient to motivate students, boost engagement, and enhance the learning environment. Many principals have discovered that the National Elementary Honor Society provides just such an opportunity.

This direct mailer featured a special offer for principals who wished to affiliate their schools with NEHS. As part of an aggressive membership acquisition campaign, the piece offered schools three free membership months, allowing them to “jump start” their membership year. It was part of a multi-pronged marketing effort that helped the organization see a 30% increase in chapter affiliations.

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» Membership Brochure

This piece targets a highly selective executive audience and serves as a sophisticated leave-behind following a one-on-one prospect meeting.

In addition to copywriting this piece, I developed its concept—to represent the complete and all-encompassing experience that membership in the Council of Manufacturing Associations (CMA) delivers. This sleek, clean design, featuring a textured stock cover, provides a classy and elegant approach in targeting CMA’s prospective member audience. The cover’s die-cut circle opens to reveal the “360” image inside with messaging to focus on the powerful and comprehensive influence CMA membership provides.

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B2B Communication

Verizon-direct-mail» Multimedia Campaigns

Your prospects need to see it…read it…then see it again. Often, it takes multiple approaches to win the attention of your target audience.

When tasked with boosting submissions to the Verizon Innovative App Challenge, a competition managed by the Technology Student Association, I undertook a multi-faceted approach to quickly respond. I developed straightforward messaging for an email, direct mail postcard, and press release telling audiences that “all it takes is an idea” to get in the game for a $20,000 prize. By the contest’s deadline, submissions exceeded the Verizon Foundation’s goal.

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» Infographics

Show—don’t tell. Infographics have become a popular form of communication. And they need not be focused solely on number crunching.

I prepared the content and provided creative direction for this infographic to inspire a vision—illustrating a process association members could undertake that might ordinarily be complex, but encouraged them to think of fun, engaging ways to stage one particular special event.

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Press Releases

TEAMS press release» TEAMS Competitive Event

Partnership is a powerful ingredient in today’s marketplace. Equally important is acknowledging partnerships and saying thanks when major corporations support a nonprofit’s efforts to cultivate the next generation of STEM professionals.

The Technology Student Association (TSA) manages a competition called TEAMS: Tests of Engineering Aptitude, Mathematics, and Science, which each year provides a glimpse into the everyday lives of engineers through a challenging series of real-world scenarios. The TEAMS experience often becomes an “aha” moment for students who discover a future professional interest. The competition’s implementation is made possible through the support of major corporations and affinity nonprofit partners. As TSA’s marketing manager, I published a press release to promote the robust alliance of these partners in order to raise awareness of the competition and invite the participation of additional schools. The press release resulted in more than 2,400 reads and 130 pick-ups in publications nationwide.

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Catalogs and Handbooks

» Academic Catalogs

I make content crystal clear! I help people say what they mean through the substantive editing of catalogs and handbooks.

I collaborate with approximately 40 contributors to produce Marymount University’s annual Undergraduate and Graduate Catalogs, reconciling inaccuracies in content, maintaining consistency in formatting, and inputting content into a Web-based editing product, which generates a print and online version of each catalog.

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» Movie Poster Design

This fictitious movie poster was created using Adobe Photoshop for a class exercise in American University’s graduate program in Digital Media Skills.

The project required independent creative conceptualization to integrate the technical, visual, and aesthetic skills developed through the class.

Using Photoshop skills and techniques, the tone of the film had to be appropriately reflected in considering color, fonts, and the manipulation of images.

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