Digital Communications

Digital Communications

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Web Landing Pages

» Membership Acquisition Campaign

How do you turn prospective customers into satisfied customers? Today, it often means facilitating their online experience with your product or service.

Landing pages have become a key ingredient in winning a prospect’s interest. Effectively conceptualized landing pages pique a prospect’s curiosity and provide a way to quickly learn more. The organization, meanwhile, can gain a conversion through that important call-to-action.

As a copywriter for mdg, I was responsible for developing pieces aimed at membership acquisition and retention for one key client, the National Association of Secondary School Principals and their renowned student programs, including the National Honor Society. This page was one in a series of A/B test pieces developed to inspire schools not yet affiliated with the National Honor Society to join and get up to three free months of free membership.

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Video Scriptwriting

National Honor Society promotional video

» Promotional Video

Who doesn’t love a story? Storytelling has become an especially powerful means for organizations to connect with target audiences. Personal stories also help create emotional bonds.

I scripted this video based on the personal experiences of members of the National Honor Society. NHS is the largest, best known, and most respected student recognition program in the nation. Affiliated chapters use this video for promotional purposes to share an overview of the organization and its powerful impact in helping shape the lives of some of our nation’s highest achieving students.

» Be inspired. Watch this video.

Social Media


» Choral Program Online Community

What do you get when you combine a school choral program, its students, parents, relatives, music lovers, and anyone who searches the web for music? Thousands of hits!

When a high school choral program launched its first website, I initiated social media platforms as companions to the site. A YouTube channel would be the perfect way to connect the performers with fans – parents, relatives, and friends. And the whole world could also get to sample some of these wannabees of #TheVoice.

The channel became a valuable marketing tool for the director, who could share the site with prospective students who were considering joining the program. I also started a Twitter feed and began to administer a Facebook page dedicated to the group. The channel also became a fundraising vehicle. Prospective supporters could be directed to the channel to see and hear firsthand the star power in the group.

A success? Indeed, the subscriber base and hits on the channel continue a steady rise. In fact, to promote solos following the group’s annual cabaret night, I tweeted to some of the celebrity artists whose songs were represented by the student performers. In three cases, the artists – Kristin Chenoweth, Journey, and Elizaveta – retweeted my message to their followers, leading to hundreds of additional hits on the channel.

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Web Publishing

Web publishing» Online Catalog

Marymount University students and faculty advisors can easily navigate the academic catalog online. No need to find the print edition when the eco-friendly online version is just a mouse click away.

What’s more – the online version is dynamic. Hover over a course number, and a course description appears. Useful hyperlinks also ease the reader experience.
I developed the architecture of this online publication, generated using a Web-based platform. I also provide substantive editing of the publication, input the text, create hyperlinks, and manage the entire production cycle.

Responsive Web Design

» New York City Photo Essay

This pictorial page was built using the responsive web page design platform, Skeleton, and illustrates a trip to New York City.

Sites built with responsive web page technology scale to whatever device one uses without compromising content. Look at this page on your smartphone, tablet, or desktop, and note how the layout resizes to respond to the device.

» Enjoy a trip to the Big Apple and view the page.


» Animated GIF

This fun piece combines a still image with animation to show life on the cutting edge.

This animated GIF, also known as a cinemagraph, was produced in Photoshop for the future website of Mower Medix, a lawn mower repair and restoration business.

» See this in action.