About Me

TerryI am a brand-focused content marketing professional.

And during my career, I haven’t just caused a ripple…I’ve made waves. I offer a uniquely blended skill set — as a writer, editor, content expert, and promotion specialist with expertise in digital and traditional media. I am dedicated to making communication flow to help you succeed. Dive in. Get to know me.

4 things you should know about me…

I’m an i-dotter and a t-crosser.

I’m a stickler for details and relentless in striving for clarity and consistency. Readers of a 250-page catalog I reorganized into two separate publications targeting different audiences can attest to this.

A “to-do” list is my best friend.

It helps keep me focused in managing projects from beginning to end, like the time I oversaw the entire editorial migration of a website into a content management system. I rewrote and restructured content to create a dynamic, user-friendly experience.

I play well with others.

I routinely interface with top-level executives, managers, and support personnel. Through a major-market radio promotion I developed, I worked with a team of well-known brands, including Coca-Cola, Ryland Homes, and Giant Foods, to create a spectacular home-and-car giveaway.

I like to take walks on the beach.

I just wish I lived near one! But a few laps in my local pool are good enough to help me recharge.